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Everyone loves cleanliness because it makes our livelihood dust free and lets us inhale the clean and hygienic breath. Health is the most obligatory aspect for us that makes us able to perform daily workloads with the wholesome potential and abilities, and all this comes from a clean environment. Cleanliness is everything for us and to make it perfectly done, we at Sierra Cleaners are the most professional and affordable cleaners in North York and doing this business for almost 40 years. We have become a polished resource by doing countless projects with 100% satisfaction.

Attraction comes from quality work and people prefer those things that showcase creativity and crystal clear results. With respect to the house cleaning, it needs detailed work in which every direction and spot counts that must exhibit the shine and glittering glance.


Our Core Services:

Skill is the most valuable aspect that promotes intellectual power and attracts others to get relevant benefits. By gaining extensive years of experience, we have become the most developed and skilful platform for home cleaning and can tackle all kinds of rusty situations through our matchless skills.

We abide by the rules and procedures to clean up the different substances like appliances, doorknobs, switches, lights, floors, walls and all the things that exist in a home. We do other cleaning jobs like move in move out cleaning, commercial, deep cleaning and more for the consent of our precious customers.

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Whenever you need the most competent and best services of commercial cleaning, you just need to call us at,Tel: 647-804-8947 or 1-866-987-2260 or send an email on and we will contact you ASAP.


Our Skilful Technicians:

Experienced personals are always taken as assets of a company whose abilities reveal the actual worth and credibility. We own the peerless expertise in the form of professional cleaners whose performances always showcase the best and optimum results. From top to toe, they know how to handle each spot of a residence and how to eliminate the contaminants. By having such talented individuals, we have become the most unchallenging cleaning junction that has no substitute.

We make Fair Budget:

Price is the foremost concern that deals with every individual and restricts them to be in financial limits. Not all the people can entertain themselves with the expensive implementations, and this is the reason we prepare the quotation at more affordable rates that every class can easily adopt. We deliver high-quality results against the market competent prices and that’s why we have become the top house cleansers in North York and appear on the top of the cleaning companies list.

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For the maximum home cleaning and to get the desired results, just call us at, Tel: 647-804-8947 or 1-866-987-2260 or send an email on and we will be at your place in no time.

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